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Title: Forged by Adversity
Genre: fluff/romance
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: G? There's a bit of cussing but other than that it's clean
Summary: Even the worst of actions may sometimes be born from love. How had they managed to never talk about it?
Comments: It's not the usual 4th of July story, really! I hope everyone enjoys this ;u;


The strength of a nation is forged by adversity. Baptism by fire, and all that. )
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Title: Funfair
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Pairing(s): US/UK
Word Count: 1587
Rating: G
Warnings: A tiny innuendo. Fluffy sap, or maybe it's sappy fluff?
Summary: England gives up sleep for one of America's super awesome outings.

Written for the Special Relationship Sweethearts' Week 2011 on the [ profile] usxuk community. 

Day Four: Just the Two of Us.
America and England, behind closed doors. Who are they when the meetings are over, when they're done with work, when it's just them? What are they up to when they spend time with only one another? It's up to you whether it's innocent, bickery, sweet, dramatic, introspective, silly, or R-rated. This is a pretty broad theme, but we hope you can have fun with it. Other characters may appear, but the focus should be mostly on just America and England.

My first posted fanfic, so I'm kind of nervous.

“Hurry up, git,” he mutters affectionately, and America laughs. )


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