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Title: Date
Prompt: Day 8 - 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'

Genre: romance
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1625
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Arthur and Alfred go on a date.
Notes: I'm attempting to write a one-shot for each day that eventually connects up into an entire story. Because it was too difficult to make it in order according to prompts, the stories will be out of chronological order ;u; 

Hike | How to Make Friends | The Fight | Crush | Lights | Coffee | Date | Explanations | Talk | Those Three Words | Make You Better | Marigolds | Think of Me | Promises

Arthur had a date.

It was obvious to his mother and brothers that there was something going on, but he hadn’t had the heart to tell them that he would be going out with a boy. Instead, he allowed his mother to fuss over his clothing and fix his hair, only making him more nervous in the meantime.

“It’s nothing, mum,” he’d tried to assure her weakly. “I’m just going out tonight. There’s no need to make a fuss.”

Did he look nice enough to be Alfred’s date?

Probably not, but he didn’t have time to be having second thoughts. He had to be ready to go as soon as Alfred arrived, lest his brothers become curious and venture outside. There would be nothing worse than having his brothers interrogate Alfred. As if on cue, there was the sound of a car horn from outside. Arthur quickly pressed a kiss to his mother’s cheek and mumbled a goodbye before hurrying outside. It seemed that he was just in time, since his brothers were already clustering at the window already.

“Who’s that?”

“Just a friend,” Arthur muttered, quickly putting on his shoes.

“You have friends?”

“I thought you had a date, though?”

“With a boy, really?”

“Well it’s better than him being picked up by a girl for a date, I mean, do you have no masculine pride, Artie?”

Arthur ducked his head, a humiliated flush beginning to colour his cheeks. Why did his brothers have to be such arses? He pulled the door open and hurried outside without bothering to say good bye, only to be followed by Allistor.

“What are you doing?” he hissed at his brother furiously. The older boy didn’t bother to reply. As they approached the car, Alfred stepped out casually dressed in jeans and a bomber jacket over a white button-up shirt.

“Hi,” Alfred chirped, hurrying over to the passenger side to open the door for Arthur. “Oh, you must be Arthur’s brother.”

“Allistor Kirkland.”

“I’m Alfred Jones.”

The two reached for each other’s hand, giving a friendly enough shake before it turned into a battle of grips. Alfred knew that the older Kirkland boys tended to pick on Arthur, and he wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t going to allow that as long as he was with Arthur. Allistor, on the other hand, seemed to be sizing Alfred up. After a long, tense moment, Arthur cleared his throat and the other two immediately let go, glaring at each other instead.

“Let’s get going, Arthur,” Alfred said, pointedly wrapping an arm around the English boy’s waist and guiding him over to the passenger seat. “It won’t be good if we’re late.”

Allistor waited patiently until his brother was inside the car, then utilised his full height to loom over Alfred threateningly. “Don’t you dare use my brother like this,” he hissed. “I don’t know what you’re playing at, but Arthur doesn’t need to be screwed over by someone like you.”

“Who says I’m going to screw him over?” Alfred drew himself up until he almost matched the other boy’s height. “I care about him, which is more than I can say about you. I know all about what you guys do to him at home.”

“If we didn’t treat him like that, do you really think he’d survive a single day outside of the house? Mum babies him enough as it is.” Allistor’s oversized eyebrows furrowed as he glared. “Whatever. I don’t need to explain myself to the likes of you. Just know that if you’re just toying with him, you’d better stop now. I won’t hold back if you hurt him.”

“I’m not going to hurt him. But we’re going to be late, so we’re gonna go now, yeah? Reservations and stuff.”

Allistor’s lips twitched up into a familiar-looking half-smile. He nodded approvingly. “He hates being late. Don’t bring him back home later than ten, do you hear? Mum’ll probably stay up all night worrying over him. He’s the baby, you see?”

“Yeah, okay, back at ten.” Alfred took a couple of steps over towards the driver’s side. “You’re not as bad as I thought.”

“You’re not as bad as you could be,” Allistor shot back. “Remember what I said.”

Alfred gave a quick salute and climbed into the car. He ignored Arthur’s curious looked as he backed out of the driveway and didn’t turn to look at him until they were well on their way.

“Don’t listen to whatever he said,” Arthur muttered. “He’s an imbecilic brute. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“It’s fine.” Alfred reached across and gently took hold of Arthur’s hand. “He’s not that bad.”

“Of course he is.” The Briton shyly gave Alfred’s hand a squeeze, then carefully extracted his hand and hid it in his lap. “Concentrate on the road, dummy.”

Alfred laughed but obeyed. “I’ve got us booked in at this restaurant that I hope you’ll like—it’s pretty upmarket compared to that diner the other time, ha ha. After that I thought we’d go to the movies, and see whatever you feel like. Um, after that we could probably go for coffee or ice cream or whatever—you know, dessert.”

Arthur hummed softly. “That sounds… good,” he said weakly, wringing his hands in his lap. “I’ll pay for the movie tickets and dessert, then, unless you’d rather I pay for the dinner?”

“What?” the American slowed down at a red light and turned to face his date incredulously. “Dude, you’re my date. I’m paying.”

“I’m not a girl, Alfred,” Arthur said quietly. “I don’t want to be treated like one.”

“But it’s proper, right? I’m dragging you out so I’ll pay. Next time if you organise it, then you can pay. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

“I… suppose so.”

Arthur’s tone still held a great deal of doubt, but Alfred chose to ignore it. He had to do everything right tonight, because it was their first date since that night at the coffee shop. He had to prove to Arthur that he was worth having a relationship with, and that he really did care for him.

“All right, it’s settled then. I’m paying tonight, and you can pay next time.”

There was a slightly awkward silence until they reached the restaurant. Arthur had to admit that it looked decent, even though it was obviously a family restaurant. He wouldn’t have been cruel enough to expect Alfred to take him to a high-class, sophisticated restaurant anyway. It would be far out of the price range of a high schooler.

They were led to their table and quickly ordered. Alfred did his best to crack a few jokes and act boyishly silly in an attempt to get Arthur to smile, but it was hard. When Arthur engaged in conversation he always seemed rather distant and distracted, and he continued to chew on his lower lip throughout the wait for their food. He didn’t even seem to be looking at Alfred—his gaze was focussed somewhere behind and slightly to the left of Alfred instead.

Alfred couldn’t help but wonder if there was someone more attractive sitting there, though he knew that Arthur was much to proper to look at other men while out on a date. To make sure, though, he twisted around in his seat and glanced behind himself as the waiter brought their food out. There were several elderly couples and a young family seated behind him, and he was pretty sure that Arthur wasn’t interested in any of them.

“It’s pretty cool, right?” he gestured towards the elderly couple that Arthur had been gazing at. “Them being together for so long, I mean. My grandparents are like that too, always being lovey-dovey and stuff.”

“They haven’t been together for long,” Arthur muttered. “His wife passed away and he’s already seeing another woman.”

Alfred froze, his fork half way up to his mouth. “Do you know him?” he asked curiously.

Arthur shook his head, then nodded jerkily. He gave up and shrugged after a moment. “Sort of,” he said vaguely. Alfred decided to drop it for now. They had dinner in companionable silence, which Alfred did his best to break every now and then.

Eventually they finished eating and Alfred called for the bill. He had a short internal debate about whether to pay with cash or card, but in the end decided that it would probably look for sophisticated to pay with his bankcard. They walked to the movie theatre, which was close by. Once there, he let Arthur choose some artsy film that didn’t look the least bit entertaining, and spent almost the entire movie watching Arthur instead of the screen.

Alfred nodded off in the second half of the movie, and woke to find Arthur’s head pillowed on his shoulder, and his hand being held in a shy, tentative grip. He tried to remain still so that Arthur wouldn’t become embarrassed, but his breathing gave him away. Instead of withdrawing, though, Arthur merely tilted his head up and gave Alfred a soft, beautiful smile.

He couldn’t resist any longer. Alfred leaned down kissed the corner of Arthur’s mouth. Arthur shifted slightly, making a soft noise.

“Sorry,” Alfred whispered, pulling back. “You just looked so, you know, kissable. I really, really like you.”

Even in the dim light of the cinema, the flush that spread across Arthur’s face was obvious.

“I do… like you, also,” Arthur mumbled, pressing a shy kiss to the American’s cheek. “I’m just… I…”

Someone sitting in the row behind shushed them rather rudely, and Arthur gave them the finger. It may have ruined the moment, but that was okay.

Just having Arthur’s hand clasping his firmly was enough for Alfred. 


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